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Wirbelwind on the attack

The Wirbelwind is a high-speed Cruiser and is the first Supership Boss in both Naval Ops Warship Gunner and Naval Ops Commander.

Naval Ops Warship GunnerEdit


The Wirbelwind has been significantly weakened in mission A-09 and, appearing in A-10, is the first supership encountered. The ship's primary strength is its sheer speed and is next to impossible to catch just going straight.


The Wirbelwind is immensely fast so you will need to shoot long distance to hit it. It is suseptable to aircraft, as their speed gives them an edge. Missiles, if you want to fight the Whirbelwind later or if you racked up your tech levels first, will also be effective, if you can acquire a lock.

Possible other BossEdit

If you have already completed the game and are on your second tour, you will encounter another ship after Wirbelwind is destroyed. The ship is the Trollslegur and is basically a massive Laser-Weapon-Armed Battleship.

Naval Ops CommanderEdit


The Wirbelwind returns in Naval Ops Commander, again as a high-speed Cruiser and again in the mission A-10.


The strategy is basically the same as before: use aircraft or missiles to keep up with the Whirbelwind and sink it. As it is capable of upwards of 80 knots is is not possible to outrun it, so cutting across the map to intercept it is a must. It has about 10000 hp, so bring the most damaging guns you can if you are on your first run through the game.

Possible Pick-UpsEdit


       35.6cm 45-Caliber                                           DE JP UK
       20.3cm 50-Caliber                                           DE    UK US
       15.5cm 50-Caliber                                           DE JP UK
       15.5cm 45-Caliber                                           DE JP    US
       14cm 60-Caliber                                                      US
       14cm 55-Caliber                                                   UK
       12.7cm 65-Caliber                                           DE JP UK US
       12.7cm 60-Caliber                                                 UK US
       10cm 65-Caliber                                             DE    UK US
       12cm High Angle 65-cal.                                           UK US
       12cm High Angle 60-cal.                                     DE JP UK US
       10cm High Angle 65-cal. 


       Auto-load System a                                          DE JP UK US
       Radar a                                                        JP UK US
       Firing Delay System a