Whoever annoyed this ship's captain is about to regret everything he ever did. If he has time too, that is.

Wave Guns are the most powerful weapons you can get throughout the Warship Gunner series.

They have a high reload time and weigh something tragic. It'll be worth it all as your see superships slowly sink one by one with the press of a button. Wave guns are found in Naval Ops: Commander and Warship Gunner as drops in later levels of the games, usually at the end or after the game has been completed. Warship Gunner 2 gives you the chance to research Wave guns, but are also found in a similar manner.

Below are the types in the Wave Gun family, from lowest to highest:

1. Magnetic Pulse Gun. The weakest weapon in the wave gun series, this weapon is still a monster in its own right. Undeniable damage (10,000 compared to a cruise missile at 5000, with only 40% the range), enormous blast radius (the diameter of the sphere, all the way down its entire range), unbelievable range (10 kilometers). It's possible to mount on all the ships in Warship Gunner 2, turning your destroyer into a killing machine. It's only available in Warship Gunner 2, but the wait is worth it.

2. Wave Gun. This is the original concept Wave Gun. This weapon throughout the series is regarded with great destructive power (15000). It's weight (3500 tonnes) and fixed position are compensated by the power to destroy superships.

3. Breac Wave Gun. Second tier of Wave Gun. Featuring a more powerful blast (20000), in Naval Ops: Commander it has a little more ammo capacity. It weighs an extra 500 tonnes compared to the basic Wave Gun, and its fixed position is also fixed.

4. Siorc Wave Gun. Third tier. This inflicts 28000 damage, 8000 more than the Breac Wave Gun. It is popular due to a larger number of drop points in various parts of the games, while other Wave Guns often need more conditions.

5. Massive Wave Gun. The final tier of Wave Gun. Throughout the series, this been the most powerful weapon in the game. With a total 32000 damage, this can destroy most superweapons in a single shot even on the highest difficulties. In the first 2 games, the Massive Wave Gun was only obtainable by destroying a total of 999 superships. In Warship Gunner 2, it is a treasure found under certain conditions after completing the game and doing special missions. No supership wields this weapon.

The Sepia Pulse Cannon was first seen used by the Lord of Terror. It fires a dark pulse like ink, dealing 30,000 damage. It also weighs a little less than the Massive Wave Gun at 3,500 tonnes.


  • Wave Guns and the Sepia Pulse Cannon can not destroy normal submarines.
  • They do damage on a periodic scale upon hitting a target. For example, firing a Wave Gun at a supership will inflict 15000 damage every 0.15 seconds.