Naval Ops has really interesting technology that needs to be explained in more detail and longer pages.Explain what Krypton lasers and these go with 15inch guns and the works,AA machineguns and needs the smaller turrets with the bigger AA main guns.Ordinance is a current and to maybe add electric arc.The railguns,tower railgun and types of ships like supership.They types of atomic engines.There is alot to be explained as the guided burst plasma gun of current.How and what is a burst plasma gun?How does it work and what is it.This wiki could be 20pages and more.A game using battleships

building your ship


Naval ops

but what about earning credits to buy a cruiser design,light cruiser,destroyer,frigate design metallurgy,submarines to make it more fun.Dreadnaughtsthumb|300px|left|The lakes warship in story and battleship types to earn more awards as credit to be able to build more and to make and pick ready made WW1 and WW2 international battleships.Modern Warfare Naval Ops.Types of warships and battleships.And to choose a more variety of fighters that don't disappear off and get destroyed and more better naval weapons.And to bombard the land.Fit fighters with payload.And for them to combat the enemies attack from land bases and from sea.And to attack subs.Special planes for maritimes and from WW2.Commands for fighters on the controller button.Modern warfare Naval Ops the naval fighters era,harriers of British,F-14's,F-18's and A-7's,A-6's,A-4's and F-4's.Choppers to scout with systems added abilities of your choice to utilize or not.Make a compliment.Helicopters.Map screen for fighters and aerial forces pick points,select.Naval battlegroups formations like in the books for 20th Century.Form up to make a network.Fleets under your command and buy and select to make a fleet and their commands controller button.Solo and change cursor to any ship you pick and cursor on aerial forces,fighters,planes and helicopters.Cursor underwater subs.What do railguns fire?

carrier naval ops


Naval docks go into categories




construction of your ship


naval ops add

Able to cursor to a base to change from out at sea or lake.Cursor to flick around,x button stick.Naval land forces and troops.Underwater troops and Marines.Repair ships to haul to safety to repair choice.Naval ports.Ships can be manual and automatic modes,use of carrier or helicopter and missile cruiser,destroyer.Use of nukes like in and improperly Civilizations. types of cartridges and muntions and shells and firing of missiles and rockets that hit targets at long distance,range in miles.SAMS.Sattelites transmission cut scenes.WW1 and WW2 fighters and planes,maritimes operations.Armor.X-crafts.