The laser cannon on the front just for show... least till Warship Gunner 2.

The Trollslegur, also known as Trollsegur, is a massive battleship bearing laser weapons. Most of them are powerful, but are rendered ineffective with electromagnetic shielding.

The player is advised to install electromagnetic shielding on the first time encounter with this supership, otherwise, your ship will die and the hands of powerful and accurate laser weapons.

Trollsleger is encountered on the second playthrough of Warship Gunner. After defeating Wirbelwind, the music will suddenly change to Harima's theme and another abnormality will show up on radar. Trollsleger is the first "bonus" boss of the second playthrough, and has caused much trouble to many players... if they don't have a electromagnetic shield. It will primarily use it's Particle Burst Gun on the ship a lot of the time, and will eventually use even more powerful laser weapons after going down to half health, with the Crois and the more dangerous one, the Sith laser, which can actually pierce your electromagnetic shield due to it's 8 beam attack if your not careful. If a player does not come to this fight without an electromagnetic shield, the accuracy and precision of the lasers will wreck the player's ship in a matter of time.