The Habukkuk is a Supership Aircraft Carrier (CV) that is composed mostly of Ice. In combat, the Habakkuk deploys high-technology planes from various countries and its own array of weaponry, but the player's greatest concern should be the Supership's ability to regenerate its health. The primary way to stop the health regeneration of the Habakkuk is lighting the ship on fire, which is easily accomplished with the otherwise useless Flamethrower weapons.

Trivia Edit

The entire supership and its name comes from the Naval secret Project, codenamed Habakkuk, with the purpose of creating a floating, offshore airfield for attacking German lines during World War 2 until airstrips could be built or captured on the mainland. Extensive research was conducted before the project was scrapped, partially because conventional Aircraft Carriers could perform the same job and partially because the tide was turning in favor of the allies.

The entire project led to the composite material called Pykrete, named in honor of Project Habakkuk's founder, Geoffrey Pyke. Pykrete is unsuitable for use at temperatures above -16 degrees fahrenheit, but it continues to serve as a scientific novelty.