Overview Edit

Druna Skass is a gigantic dark grey single hulled battleship that acts as the game's final boss. It is equipped with multiple lasers, AA lasers, guns, missiles and the Wave Gun, a massively powerfull laser mounted on the front. In the story, Druna Skass has literally been built with the intention of sinking entire continents that do not submit to imperial control by using the Wave gun to crack the planet's crust.

Strategy Edit

As the final boss, it is of course incredibly strong. It has massive HP, powerful long range weapons and the Wave gun, which will only fire once it is low on health, but is most likely game over if you are hit. Even worse than the ship itself are the turrets surrounding the round icy arena in which you fight it, which are similar to the guided energy guns but deal devastating damage, destroying them is a must. Only the best battleships stand a chance against it, forget aircraft. Even the best Gallahads and such will be shot down almost immediately, victory with a carrier will be almost impossible. By this point in the game though you most likely have some good gear however, 80cm guns, energy weapons ect, and it is worthwhile to bring as much powerful weaponry as possible, but not energy weapons. It's shields render them almost useless. Apart from this, it should be noted that Slow moving transports litter the area, and when sunk drop ammo crates which can be used when low on ammo, and some enemy aircraft will attack but they aren't really a major threat. Unfortunately, Druna Skass does not drop any loot as the game ends after defeating it, but beating it the first time will unlock hard mode, with stronger enemy ships and better more exotic parts being unlocked and dropped by enemies.