Big Plane. BIG Plane.

Archeopteryx is a massive, double cockpit plane capable of short-to-long range destruction. Armed to the teeth with both Anti Air and Anti Ship Armaments, it's one of the few flying superweapons in the trilogy.

Strategy: Edit

The fight against Archeopteryx takes place in a heavy storm that renders visibility very low, so bring the best radar you have. It is however large enough to easily hit with ordinary anti ship guns, but tricky to aim at so often the best strategy is to bring as many of them as you can. High angle/anti aircraft guns won't track Archeopteryx on intercept mode but should still be able to hit it. Archeopteryx itself will launch rockets, AA guns and fire anti ship guns at you on hit and run style attack runs, and once it's health becomes low (Seems to be around 20%) it's fire rate on the main guns increases dramatically. Aircraft are next to non-effective against it, so carriers are unlikely to do well.

[To be continued]